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Explore our case studies to witness firsthand how our Biological Oil Spill Cleaning services have made a difference in addressing various spill scenarios. From split oil tank challenges to suspected leaks, each case highlights the effectiveness of our approach in restoring cleanliness and safety to affected environments.


The challenge in this case was to ensure that the owner of the house could stay in the house while SpillTech solved the problem.

The Oil tank was split. Oil was found across the rear concrete yard and drive, in the water well, inside the garage, foundations of the house. There were smells in the house, in the internal pipework and water storage tanks etc. Approximately 600 litres of oil had escaped. SpillTech solved this problem and the family remained in the property throughout the project.


The importance of speed of response is key to solving oil leaks quickly.

The leak was detected at a fire valve beside the oil burner. The oil burner was located inside the kitchen. The oil leak was located behind the kitchen units and under the floor. The oil dissolved the polystyrene insulation under the concrete finished floor and lodged in the foundation of the house. There was a strong odour in the house. Approximately 400 litres of oil had escaped.


The home owner of the house rang us on a Thursday evening on the 28th May.

We visited the property on the morning of the 29th. The home owner was concerned that an oil leak had not only affected the house but it may have leaked into two adjacent properties. Our quick response at SpillTech’s prevented the moving of the oil tank and digging up the back gardens. We also prevented the oil spill from affecting the other properties.

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