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Bioremediation. What is it?


One of the services we offer is Bioremediation. This specialist service is available to clients all over Ireland.

However, the term bioremediation isn’t exactly typical. We often get asked by clients what exactly Bioremediation is. For the good of our clients, this blog explains what Bioremediation is in the simplest terms possible.

An overview of Bioremediation

Let’s jump right in. Bioremediation, in the broadest strokes possible, is a method of cleaning up soil and groundworks using biological organisms. When pollutants like fuel and oil are introduced to the ground, these spills can be treated through Bioremediation. This system is designed to clean pesticides, solvents and various petroleum-based products.

By harnessing the natural process of microbes like fungi, yeast or bacteria, pollutants can be cleaned up from the soil. Microbes feed on the contaminants, converting these toxic materials into CO2, water, ethane and various other harmless gases.

Some of the ways Bioremediation work includes:

–        Introducing Microbes to a site with little or no-biological activity. These microbes can begin the process of degrading the presence of contaminations.

–        In areas of rich biological activity, supplementary indigenous microbes can be introduced to help the de-contamination process. This is referred to as bioaugmentation. Experts ensure that the conditions for the microbes to thrive are maintained. This includes carefully regulating the temperature, adding additional required nutrients, etc.

–        Depending on the Microbe. An oxygen-rich or an oxygen-free environment can be created.

What happens after Bioremediation

Bioremediation is concerned with using microbes that naturally occur in the ground. Therefore after the process is finished and the soil is cleaned up, all that will be left are harmless byproducts like CO2 gas and water. In most cases, the microbes naturally die off, as the ground is no longer treated to ensure their survival. Bioremediation is a clean, safe and effective method of cleaning contaminated earth and soil.

How long does Bioremediation take?

The site determines the actual length of time. Our experts can access the site and the contaminated area and provide a timeline.

If you have any more questions on Bioremediation, please get in touch with our offices today.

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