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What is Bioremediation used for?


As Ireland’s primary providers of bioremediation, we often get questions regarding what bioremediation is. It’s a fair question. The term bioremediation is hardly in regular use.

Although the term may seem a little foreign, bioremediation is a straightforward process of using natural techniques to remove environmental pollutants. Spilltech Environmental Ltd uses bioremediation to clean up oil and fuel spills. However, all over the world, bioremediation principles are used for all types of cleanings. This article will look at how bioremediation is used for different cleaning projects.

How does bioremediation work

Bioremediation uses natural organisms to break down substances that are hazardous to the environment. Spilltech, for example, uses a combination of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to consume oil. This process thoroughly removes both the oil and the fuel odour. The bioremediation method is not only fast and practical but also an eco-friendly clean-up process.

Types of Cleaning Projects Bioremediation is Used For

As mentioned here at Spilltech Ltd., we concentrate on cleaning oil and fuel spills. We also remove these types of contaminants from the soil. However, there are various other types of cleaning that bioremediation is used for. Some of the more common examples include:

Crime Scene Clean-Up

Bioremediation is often used after a crime has been committed. Bodily fluids like blood can pose a severe risk to human health—bodily fluids carrying serious infectious diseases like MRSA, HIV or hepatitis. Using different types of enzyme bioremediation can completely remove these risks.

Contaminated Soil Clean Up

Various human activities can end up introducing multiple toxic substances to the soil. Without bioremediation, it can be nearly impossible to remove these contaminates. Microbes are introduced to the earth using these contaminants as a food source, eventually eliminating the contaminations from the soil.

If you think bioremediation could help remove contaminates from the soil on your property, or you need an oil spill clean-up. Please get in contact with Spilltech Environmental Ltd.

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